About US
We are made up of so much more than our physical body and yet our physical body is essential to our spiritual growth.  The ancient science of yoga and meditation teaches us about how to not only transcend our consciousness but how to transcend and unite our body, mind, and soul.  We are focused on creating this union for the shift that is taking place, from a power centered world to a heart centered world.

The Body Of Light workshops and meditation classes are focused on teaching you how to become your own Guru.  With so much information out there it is imperative that we wake up our own intuitive selves to guide us in our daily lives.  Come and learn how you can create and maintain this divine connection, awaken your own spiritually inherited gifts, and live your souls purpose.

Be Present: Conscious Living BODY-MIND-SOUL

This May, Body Of Light is offering a three day workshop in Orem, UT. This workshop will bring with it an opportunity to reach deep inside of you and learn more about your personal energetic anatomy.  We will also take our journey outside into the scenic mountains and waterfalls of Sundance. This overall workshop is designed to give you an experience of your own intimate connection to divine source.