Conscious Breathing Retreat

This two day retreat is specifically designed to connect you to your source while in the physical body. It is a powerful integration bridging the body, mind, and soul as one. Those who participate in this workshop will begin to attune their physical being to the vibration of their higher self/soul and as you do this your body will then have the energy necessary to shift your vibration from a limited third dimensional existence into an expanded infinite reality while on this earth plane.

There are many ways in which the body functions and lives but the question remains what is it that enlivens the body at its core beyond the heart beating and the lungs breathing? These are the questions that we will delve deep into and these are the answers that will en-lighten our body, mind, and soul. Science is now discovering that this subtle energy is essentially light and that this light or life force/prana is what “illuminates” all existence. We will learn how to utilize this light/prana through various diaphragmatic breathing techniques that build a bridge between the body, mind, and soul.

From here we will then be able to delve deep into your energetic anatomy, including the chakras, and discuss how life force energy flows through you and how you can use that energy to reach higher states of awareness. This will continue to be built upon by the enlightening force known as kundalini, you will not only receive an understanding of what this energy is but how to release it, uplifting you to greater spiritual heights than you could have ever imagined.

All that you are currently doing on your own pathway to enlightenment will be supported by what you will gain from this retreat. This retreat is held in the breathtakingly beautiful area of Sedona, AZ and to add to this experience we will also have the opportunity to visit certain power places, known as vortexes, in the area and be lead through specific guided meditations that will magnetize the effects and knowledge that you have received.

Workshop includes:

  • A workbook containing all the information that we will be covering.
  • A deep understanding on how prana/life force energy flow through the body and how to increase that flow supporting both the physical, mental, and spiritual connection.
  • A knowing of how your energetic anatomy works with the physical, mental, and spiritual body and how to create a bridge allowing your higher self/soul to manifest fully into your body.
  • The Chakra Dhyana and Body of Light Meditation CD’s to support you in all that you have gained and will continue to gain as you move through your own personal journey to enlightenment.
  • Guided hikes to specific power places increasing your ability to utilize all you have learned and incorporate it into your life now.

Date: TBA

Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

Cost: 275.00 Before TBA
325.00 After TBA

100.00 deposit accepted to reserve your space.
Full payment required TBA for discounted rate of 275.00
TBA for full rate of 350.00

Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Rd
Sedona, AZ 86336

To Register e-mail:

This retreat does not include lodging or meals. There are many options for lodging close to where the workshop is held from budget hotels to resorts. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafés, and grocery stores within walking distance of the venue.


“After a week of working with the techniques and energy flow Holly taught in the Conscious Living Retreat I have experienced some amazing changes in my life and my intuitive abilities.  I feel empowered in my new found abilities because of all the knowledge and experiences I gained from this retreat.  I continue to use the techniques I learned to stay centered and connected.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go to this retreat!” -Trudi C.