Private Sessions

Holly also offers private one-on-one sessions. All sessions are unique and specific for each individual. The intention is always set for what serves the highest good and this is why it is unique to each and every person.

Light Healing and Reiki 

Light Healing and Reiki is a therapeutic healing energy that illuminates the subtle energies that no longer serve the highest good of the individual in creating a life of health, peace, love, and joy.  Holly’s unique ability to see and move light within the body and subtle system creates space for you to release any “stuck” or “dense” energy that may be present.  This stuck or dense energy can be physically present or it can be tied to situations that appear to be outside of the self.  This is perfect for anyone who feels they need a boost of love and light to continue on this journey we call life!  The lightness and clarity one can gain from these sessions is literally illuminating and empowering.

This session is 100.00 and 60 minutes in length.  These sessions can be done in person or via distance.  The Body of Light center is located in Orem, UT and you can e-mail to schedule a time.


“I have met with Holly on several occasions. My intention was to seek some insight into energy and things I was feeling around me. I wasn’t sure how to move forward, feeling stuck and as if I couldn’t pinpoint what I was carrying with me. Meeting with Holly gave me so much understanding of how to move forward. Through her gift, I was able to continue to heal inside. Her love for people and passion to share kindness is felt when you are around her. Thank you Holly for helping me understand a deeper energy than I even knew I had.” -Bonnie B.

“My first experience with energy work was with Holly. I had no idea what to expect and was nervous but instantly Holly made it clear she cared about me and that I was in a safe, loving place. Holly was professional, patient, and sincere. She helped me work through the emotional difficulties I was having during my divorce and taught me how to be an even better version of myself. I left feeling so open and light, ready to move on to the next phase of life. I’m very grateful I stepped out of my comfort zone as it ended up bringing me so much peace and hope.” -Destiny R.

“I have to say I have always been skeptical about energy work, auras, and everything about it.  However, I had some major life stuff going on and decided for whatever reason to give it a shot.  So I scheduled a time to meet with Holly and WOW I am a total believer now!  Holly is extremely gifted!  She knew so much about me that I could not have been searched or looked up.  Each time I have come back after our initial session I am even more impressed. She’s really helped me grow within myself, understand myself, and open myself up to healing and new pathways.  She herself is so positive and loving.  I always walk away feeling incredibly better than when I walked in. I would recommend her to anyone!  Even other skeptics like I first was.  You will not be disappointed!” -Jenn C.