We will begin this workshop by delving deep into your energetic anatomy and discuss how life force energy flows through you. You will also learn how you can use that energy to reach higher states of awareness through the breath. This will then be built upon by the enlightening force known as kundalini, you will not only receive an understanding of what this energy is but how to release it, uplifting you to greater spiritual heights than you could have ever imagined. After an understanding is gained of how to utilize your life force, breath, and kundalini energy we will then move into a very powerful ancient meditation over 5,000 years old.

All that you will learn and experience in this workshop is specifically designed to connect you to the reservoir of divine light that lies within the physical body. It is an integration bridging the body, mind, and soul as one. Those who participate will begin to attune their physical body to a higher vibration of love and light. When you are able to do this your body will then have the energy necessary to shift your vibration from a limited existence to an expanded infinite reality and state of being.

Workshop Includes:

  • The Conscious Breathing Workbook containing all the information we will be covering, plus more one-on-one in-person experience and knowledge.
  • A deep understanding of how life force energy flows through the body and how to increase that flow to create physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • A knowing of how your energetic anatomy works and how to bridge the conscious, unconscious, and super-conscious mind.
  • An understanding of what Kundalini energy is and how to awaken it within your body to support you in opening your own spiritual gifts.
  • A guided meditation via mp3 to support you on your own journey to personal enlightenment.


Date: TBA




“After a week of working with the techniques and energy flow Holly taught in the Conscious Breathing Workshop I have experienced some amazing changes in my life and my intuitive abilities. I feel empowered in my newfound abilities because of all the knowledge and experiences I gained from this workshop. I continue to use the techniques I learned to stay centered and connected. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go!” -Trudi C.