Go even deeper into your energetic anatomy and learn how to work with prana, life force energy, to create a healthy vibrant body full of light and love. In the level two training we will be adding-on to everything you have learned and experience through the level one training. With the foundation now set we can now go even deeper into specific body pathways.  Learn the language of the body and how it differs from your emotions.  Learning this language can then open you up to experience the greatest amount of physical well-being because it will teach you what is best for your own individual body at any given time.  Experience what it takes to open this channel and the benefits that will follow!

In this workshop we will work closer with the mind, focusing on connecting its intentions more closely with the attributes of divine thought so that the language of the body can then be heard more directly.  We will also work with the kundalini energy that resides in the fourth vertebrae of your physical spine. This energy has been lying dormant in most individuals until the moment of perfect divine timing. To awaken kundalini is to open the doorway to your soul, while in the physical existence. When kundalini is awakened it moves through your energetic anatomy also known as your chakra system; unlocking energetic knots, purging old negativity, emotions and inner blocks so that you can experience your higher nature. We will also be utilizing specific breath, body movements, and mantras to clear the body, mind, spirit pathways even deeper. Taking what you learn in this workshop and practicing it continually will allow the field that you radiate around your body to grow brighter and more magnetic resulting in overall well-being.

“Any psychic, sage, or enlightened being has awakening kundalini to a lesser or greater extent.” -Gopi Krishna

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