Our Philosophy

You are made up of so much more than your physical body and yet your physical body is essential to your spiritual growth. When you truly embrace and know this it is possible to expand beyond the limited self and unify your body, mind, heart, and spirit with your infinite self, all while living in your physical body. We are here to teach you how to create this connection so that you can live a life in alignment with the highest ideals of your soul.  

In the Body of Light retreats, workshops, and online courses you will learn how to become your own Guru (that which brings one from darkness to light). At these times there is so much information out there that it is becoming imperative that you wake up your own intuitive self to guide you in your daily life. There is a beautifully balanced place where the body, mind, heart, and spirit work together as one on this earth plane. Join us and learn how you can create and maintain this divine connection, awaken your own spiritually inherited gifts, and live your soul’s purpose.

Meet Holly

Holly Semanoff
Holly is an IFBB professional fitness competitor, Ashtanga/Kundalini/Kriya yoga teacher, reiki master, clairvoyant, light healer, channeler, Native American medicine woman, and published author of the Conscious Breathing Workbook, Conscious Breathing Workbook- Level 2, and the Body of Light Experience and Meditation Book. She has over 20 years’ experience in teaching and guided yoga science-based breath and meditation practices. She also knows the power of the body and its ability to be in resonance with the True Self if we but allow ourselves to connect with it. Her experiences with the body have led her to becoming an IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor and was ranked as one of the top 10 athletes in the world at International Arnold Sports Festivals in 2017. Holly's various experiences with body, mind, heart, and spirit have been a catalyst for the creation of the Body of Light, which is the platform for which she shares her knowledge and experiences through various retreats, workshops, and online courses. Her mission is to teach others how to become their own guru and to remember all of who they are.