Sedona Retreat 2023

This retreat will bring with it an opportunity to reach deep inside of yourself and learn more about your personal energetic blueprint, intuitive gift, and so much more! We will also take our journey outside to specific power places, known as vortexes, to further expand your conscious awareness of your soul. This overall retreat is designed to give you an experience of your own intimate connection to Divine Source and the gifts you have to offer the world as a unique creation of this source.

Conscious Breathing Immersion

We will begin this workshop by delving deep into your energetic anatomy and discuss how life force energy flow through you. You will also learn how you can use that energy to reach higher states of awareness through the breath. This will then be built upon by the enlightening force known as kundalini, you will not only receive an understanding of what this energy is but how to release it, uplifting you to greater spiritual heights than you could have ever imagined. After an understanding is gained of how to utilize your life force, breath, and kundalini energy we will then move into a very ancient meditation over 5,000 years old.

Body of Light Workshop

There are many ways in which the body functions and lives, but the question remains what is it that enlivens the body at its core beyond the heart beating and the lungs breathing? These are the questions that we will delve deep into and these are the answers that will enlighten our body, mind, and soul. Learn about the modern science coming out that speaks of the body as a conduit of light and experience the energy of this light that “illuminates” all existence. This is based on knowledge through Einsteinian and quantum physics. From this place of knowledge, you will then learn how to utilize this light to create healing on every level of being body, mind, and soul.