Body of Light Community Meditation

This is a re-occurring gathering once a month for members either in person or online. The mediation that we move through at this gathering is best experienced in groups and is designed to create continued support as you embrace all of who you are in spirit, heart, mind, and body.

Breath Journey

Within many languages, including Amazonian Quechua, Tibetan, Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Hawaiian and others, the word for “breath” is the same word that is used to describe life, spirit, and soul. In this breath journey you will be led through a deeply transformative circular breathing exercise combined with powerful music. Most people describe their experience in a breath journey as life changing.

Breath & Meditation Circle

In this gathering you will utilize a powerful breathing and meditation technique that is over 5,000 years old. This unique experience is designed to cleanse, purify, and awaken the seven main chakras in your body to their highest potential and this is done through specific breathing and concentration techniques. From here you will then have the opportunity to open up to your cosmic life force energy, also known as kundalini.

Winter Solstice Celebration

Come celebrate the Winter Solstice with meditation, breath, sound healing, and community! This will be a celebration just as much as it is a ceremony of your life up to this point where the light of the sun is at its shortest and the depth of night is at its longest. To follow this meditation you will be bathed in sacred sound designed to align the body, mind, heart, and spirit to the highest frequency possible, again welcoming the light into all areas of your life.

Live Aura Reading and Book Signing

Your aura is simply the magnetic field around your body that holds a ton of information. In this event holly will teach you more about how this subtle field works. After the initial opening the space will then be opened for anyone within the group to receive an aura reading from her about what is going on in their immediate space on an energetic level. After Holly will then be available for book signings.

Channeling Event

In this channeling event Holly will connect straight to Source and you will have the opportunity to hear the insights that flow from here. This is done in such a way that Holly goes straight to the source and whatever serves the highest good will be channeled. There is also always time given to those who desire to ask questions, this includes any and all questions you may be seeking an answer to.