Body of Light Workshop

There are many ways in which the body functions and lives, but the question remains what is it that enlivens the body at its core beyond the heart beating and the lungs breathing? These are the questions that we will delve deep into and these are the answers that will enlighten our body, mind, and soul.

Learn about the modern science coming out that speaks of the body as a conduit of light and experience the energy of this light that “illuminates” all existence. This is based on knowledge through Einsteinian and quantum physics. From this place of knowledge, you will then learn how to utilize this light to create healing on every level of being.

In this workshop we will move through the knowledge and then to the experience of that knowledge gained. This is designed to root and ground a great amount of energy or light within your body, mind, and heart. Learn the role the heart has to play in all of this from a physical scientific perspective and an experiential soul perspective. This experience is the bridge between masculine fact-based science and feminine intuitive experience. All is given in this experience to create balance, knowing, and healing.

To end we will seal up our Body of Light Experience with a powerful Body of Light Meditation that was given to me by divine means. It is my prayer that what you experience and gain from this experience will support you in self-realization that you are a divine being of light!

This workshop includes the Body of Light Experience and Meditation workbook and five downloadable guided meditations.

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Cost: 100.00

Purify Wellness Center
1064 S. North County BLVD #160
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Includes the Body of Light Workbook and Meditations via Mp3 Download.


“After a week of working with the techniques and energy flow, Holly taught I have experienced some amazing changes in my life and my intuitive abilities. I feel empowered in my newfound abilities because of all the knowledge and experiences I gained from this retreat. I continue to use the techniques I learned to stay centered and connected. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go.” -Trudi

“Holly, I love your joy of sharing! You are so sincere and teach from the heart. You and Mike are deeply immersed in what you teach, you are such a great team! Every time I attend a meditation or workshop, I feel your love, generosity, and vitality. I appreciate your depth, teaching, encouragement, and spiritual enlightenment, and I want to thank you for sharing your time, your hearts, your expertise, and allowing us to share in your divine gifts. It’s been such a wonderful journey for me. The gift of breath continues to remind me of who I truly am!” -Country

“I thought I understood my life journey and who I was, then I took a yoga class from Holly Semanoff. Her energy, light and excitement made me a life-long student of yoga, but her understanding of the deeper meaning of the physical and spiritual connection changed the way I look at myself and the world I live in. I attended several of her Body of Light workshops and have read all of her books. For the first time in my life, I understand meditation and that has helped me see the love and light in myself and others. I highly recommend her workshops and her books. She is one of the most interesting and inspiring teachers that I have ever had.” -Robert