Sedona Retreat

Remember the Joy

An Awakening Retreat through joy and the miracle of life, the miracle of you. Come and enjoy the journey back to yourself through the magical energy of Sedona. This is a joyful journey back to Self, both in form (life) and out of form (infinite). Throughout this retreat you will be guided through various experiences that will connect you back to your central sun within, your source to all of life both within the finite AND merged with the infinite.
This includes breathwork, sound healing, yoga, meditations, and experiences on the sacred lands of Sedona. Remember we may be guiding you through this retreat but the master facilitator with be your True Self. This is a potent journey focused on trusting that inner Self, that infinite Self within and we will do this by having fun with it and moving through actual experience with your infinite self!
If you find yourself exhausted on your path to awakening or to life in general, this retreat is for you. It is time to fill your cup with the source that never ends, your central sun, your True Self. While everyone sits around and supposes the secret sits in the center and knows. The center is your central sun, your soul, and it knows your journey. It knows you and this connection is invaluable.
This retreat will include daily gatherings and experiences. This full schedule can be found below beside the magical surprises weaved in. Our home base will be at the Peaceful Retreat. Lodging and food will be on your own besides light refreshment so that you can cater specifically to what will support you on this spiritual journey. Join us and know the miracle of you!

Event Details

Date: Nov.11th-13th, 2022

Friday: 9:30am-4:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am-4:30pm
Sunday: 8:00am-12:00pm

Cost: 777.00

Peaceful Retreat Center
Sedona, AZ 86336

Friday Nov. 11th
• 8:30am Optional Morning Yoga
• 9:30am Gather at Retreat Center
• 9:45am Intention Setting
This will include a guided meditation to create a unique space holder that is specific to you and the journey you are embarking on in this retreat. This space holder is very personal and will include powerful symbolism aligned to you and your central sun.
• 11:00am Body of Light Integration
Here you will learn about and experience your central sun within also known as the body of light. We will cover the science and experience of enlightenment, literally and experientially. This is based on Holly’s published book, The Body of Light.
This also includes a heart-centered breathing practice and a powerful meditation for the physical body. Doing these practices will allow the physical body to be able to plug in and maintain the highest count of photons in your DNA. This is measurable by science.
• 12:30pm Break for Lunch

• 2:00pm Gather at Sacred Hoop Site also known as the Medicine Wheel
At this sacred site, you will continue your experience of what you received earlier this day about the re-remembrance of your light body/spirit.

• 4:30pm Complete for the Day
• 9:00pm Optional Night Vision and Meditation to the Stars
Here you will have the opportunity to see the night sky through high-grade night vision technology and it is truly mind-blowing. You will also be guided through a powerful experience to the stars to see, hear, feel, and know through your sixth sense the miracle of you in this great big universe.
Saturday Nov. 12th
• 9:30am Optional Morning Yoga
• 9:30am Gather at Retreat Center
• 9:45pm Breath Journey
In this breath journey, you will be led through a deeply transformative circular breathing exercise combined with powerful music, drums, and sound bowls. Most people describe their experience in a breath journey as life changing.
• 11:15pm Trust the Journey
Here you will connect more deeply to your central sun, often called the higher self so that you may know your life’s purpose. This will be an enlightening interactive experience that will be extremely unique to each person.
• 1:00pm Break for Lunch
• 2:30pm Gather at Sacred Site
This is an ancient site that the southwest Native American tribes considered sacred. This site will support you in opening clear communication with your central sun within and it is here you will receive the support and guidance on how you can best continue your journey on earth.
• 4:30pm Complete for the Day
Sunday Nov. 13th
• 8:00am Gather at Retreat Center
Here you will be guided through a powerful experience to open you up to the guru within. You will also be bathed in a healing sound bath.
• 9:30am Walking Tao Meditation. 
• 10:00am Waterflow Breathwork and an optional cold water plunge.
•12:00pm Complete
We will be located near Los Abrigados Resort at the Peaceful Retreat (An Airbnb) where we will gather each morning and then in the afternoon have our experiences on the land. It is recommended to have a car but not required. If you do not have transportation during the retreat please let us know and we can arrange a carpool from our retreat center.
Space is Limited, when we sell out registration will be closed.


“After a week of working with the techniques and energy flow Holly taught in the Sedona Retreat I have experienced some amazing changes in my life and my intuitive abilities. I feel empowered in my newfound abilities because of all the knowledge and experiences I gained from this retreat. I continue to use the techniques I learned to stay centered and connected. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go to this retreat!” -Trudi

“The retreat was a beautiful experience. We loved the teachings, and open discussions- complete with many take-always! My husband and I came with open hearts and left full of gratitude. I would highly recommend attending for anyone looking to up-level their personal growth. And I imagine you will leave with a few more beautiful souls, you’ll now see as friends.” – Kelly & Jessica

“Such a great experience! I highly recommend everyone create time in their life for this. So powerful and so much wisdom shared and received. I’m so grateful for the experience I enjoyed at this retreat. Can’t wait to go again!” -Randi

“Amazing retreat! I had no expectations except to be open to receive and give and grow. It really left me with a lot of self-awareness and opening to myself helped me excel on my own path. Being with so many like-minded people made me so confident to continue to just step into who I am more without any reservations. Not only that but literally the energy of the group was just so pure positive light and love.” -Lynsey 

“Thank you for one of the most meaningful retreats I’ve ever attended! It far exceeded my expectations. This retreat allowed me to learn and discover the truth of who I really am. I learned so much about the power of breath, the power of stillness, and the power of connecting our mind, body and soul. It far exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere was relaxed and safe emotionally, the surroundings were genuine and beautiful, and the people were so kind and loving. I loved the retreat location, the accommodations, the training, the meditations and the adventures we had. Holly created a beautiful space to allow each of us to open up and just be in the present moment.
My whole being was transformed and taken to a place of peace, tranquility and serenity. I learned, enjoyed, felt, cried, and connected with myself and everyone there. It truly was a sacred place, a place where I met my true self and the Divine One and was able to connect with nature and the universe. This retreat was also the catalyst for a huge shift in consciousness for me, that has ultimately helped transform the way I view life and the world and helped to further myself on this journey of enlightenment. The whole experiencing was such a blessing and I’m so glad I showed up for myself and gave myself this wonderful gift!” -Country